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Are you exhausted from the continual routine of shaving, waxing, or plucking unwanted hair? Say goodbye to these outdated methods and welcome a new era of smooth, hair-free skin with the latest Laser Hair Removal Treatments at Keva Skin & Hair Clinic, Coimbatore.

Laser hair removal involves using a potent laser or intense pulsed light to eliminate unwanted hair. This process generates heat, which effectively targets and destroys hair follicles beneath the skin, disrupting their ability to regrow hair. Laser hair removal precisely targets hair follicles without causing damage to the surrounding skin, ensuring effective results with minimal discomfort. Additionally, it offers benefits for women dealing with conditions such as hirsutism (excessive hair growth) and hypertrichosis (abnormal hair growth patterns on the body).

A woman undergoing laser hair treatment, using an electric hair removal device on her legs.

As the top skin and hair care clinic in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, we understand the importance of feeling confident in your skin. That's why we offer cutting-edge laser hair removal services (LHR Treatment) for both men and women that deliver long-lasting results, leaving you with silky-smooth skin that you'll love to show off. Our advanced laser hair removal facilities offer a highly demanding cosmetic treatment for persons seeking permanent hair removal on different body parts like the upper lip, chins, back, abdomen, arms, and legs.

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Why Choose Keva For Laser Hair Removal In Coimbatore?

Top Professional Doctors for Skin Clinic in Coimbatore

Certified Doctors

Professional skin and hair specialists ensure top-notch Laser Hair Removal Treatments with optimal results.

Best Skin Laser Treatment Technology in Coimbatore

Advanced Technology

The latest laser equipment and treatment techniques provide precise, effective treatments targeting hair follicles.

Top Safety Assurance Healthy Removal in Coimbatore

Safety Assurance

Strict adherence to safety standards ensures a comfortable, secure, and hygienic hair removal treatment environment.

Best Affordable Laser Hair Removal in Coimbatore

Affordable Price

Competitive pricing for LHR treatment and flexible payment options make quality treatment accessible for all.

Top Exceptional Hair Health Care Treatment in Coimbatore

Exceptional Care

Our friendly team ensures high-quality care, guiding you comfortably through every step of your treatment process.

Top Hair Removal Treatment Services in Coimbatore

Comprehensive Consultations

Receive thorough LHR consultations to address your concerns and tailor treatment plans for the best results.

FAQs On Laser Hair Removal Treatments And Services


Treating smaller areas like the upper lip is quick, usually just a few minutes, while treating larger areas like the legs can take over an hour.For parts like the upper lip and chin, where hair grows fast, you may need treatments more often. But for slower-growing areas like the legs and back, treatments may happen less often.

The LHR treatment is safe. But rarely may it cause some side effects such as
  • Redness and swelling
  • Skin irritation
  • Blistering or crusting
  • Scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation
  • But don't worry. These side effects are temporary and easily avoidable with proper precautions like sunscreen application and depigmentation cream usage.At Keva Skin & Hair Care Clinic, the best hair removal clinic in RS Puram, Coimbatore, we provide a thorough consultation to make you understand the risks and potential complications associated with permanent hair removal treatment along with providing solutions for remediation. Our experienced professionals prioritize your safety and well-being, ensuring personalized care throughout your treatment.

    Laser hair removal does not accomplish hair destruction after just one treatment session. To achieve a significant reduction in hair growth, multiple sessions are typically required, usually ranging between 4 to 8 sessions. At Keva Skin & Hair Care clinic, during your first consultation, our skilled practitioners will carefully evaluate your skin type, hair colour, and texture. This assessment enables us to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your requirements, ensuring the best possible outcomes while minimizing any potential risks. The interval between each laser hair removal session is typically spaced out to allow for adequate regrowth of hair follicles. This interval varies depending on the treatment area and individual response to the treatment. For areas with faster hair growth, such as the upper lip or chin, we can schedule sessions at shorter intervals, usually every 4 to 6 weeks. Conversely, for areas with slower hair growth, such as the legs or back, we can space out the sessions at longer intervals, typically every 8 to 12 weeks.

    Following the procedure, it's crucial to adhere to post-procedure instructions to ensure optimal results. These include applying sunscreen to the treated area to protect it from sun damage, refraining from bleaching the area, and avoiding the use of cosmetics for at least two days post-laser treatment. These simple yet essential steps help minimize potential adverse reactions and promote the healing process for smoother, healthier-looking skin.

    Yes, hair can regrow after Laser Hair Removal Treatment, although it's typically much finer and lighter in colour than before. This regrowth can occur due to factors like hormonal changes or missed hair follicles during the initial treatment sessions. However, many individuals experience a long-term reduction in hair growth after completing a series of laser hair removal sessions.

    While some clinics entrust beauticians with the procedure, at our clinic, only dermatologists handle it. Dermatologists possess the required training, scientific knowledge, and expertise to execute the procedure competently. Additionally, they can proficiently manage any post-procedural effects and examine the root causes of excessive hair growth.

    Yes, laser hair removal is typically safe when conducted by qualified and certified professionals. However, some temporary side effects like redness or swelling may occur, and you can avoid them with proper post-procedural instructions.

    Yes, laser hair removal is typically safe when conducted by qualified and certified professionals. However, some temporary side effects like redness or swelling may occur, and you can avoid them with proper post-procedural instructions.

    Most people describe the sensation as mild discomfort or a tingling feeling, similar to the snap of a rubber band against the skin. Advanced cooling systems help minimize any discomfort during treatment. At Keva Skin & Hair Clinic, we use topical anaesthetics to enhance your comfort during the procedure further. Our priority is ensuring a pain-free experience for our clients.

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