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An advanced hair regrowth treatment for men who are trying to grow back their hair
Best Doctor For Hairgrowth Treatment in Coimbatore

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Explore the possibilities of regaining a full, healthy head of hair with our advanced hair regrowth treatment.

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A physician giving a man a hair transplant to improve his appearance and restore his hairline
Best Hair PRP Treatment in RS Puram, Coimbatore

Hair PRP Treatment

Our hair PRP treatments provide effective and safe solutions for thinning hair, hair loss, hair regrowth, and various hair issues.

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A woman receiving treatment for dandruff in a hospital to maintain a healthy scalp
Best Hair Clinic For Anti-Dandruff Treatment in Coimbatore

Dandruff Treatment

Dealing with dandruff can be frustrating and embarrassing. Those pesky white flakes not only affect your appearance but also often come with itching and discomfort.

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FAQs About Hair Care Treatment For All Ages in Coimbatore

Best Hair Clinic For Dandruff Treatment in RS Puram ,Coimbatore

PRP treatment involves injecting concentrated platelets from the patient's blood into the scalp to stimulate hair growth and improve thickness. It's non-invasive and enhances existing follicles. However, hair transplantation involves surgically moving follicles from a donor area to thinning areas. While PRP is less invasive, transplantation offers more effective results for baldness. Both methods address hair loss differently but aim to restore hair growth effectively.

There are many variations of passages gaks the Following the procedure, it's crucial to adhere to post-procedure instructions to ensure optimal results. These include applying sunscreen to the treated area to protect it from sun damage, refraining from bleaching the area, and avoiding the use of cosmetics for at least two days post-laser treatment. These simple yet essential steps help minimize potential adverse reactions and promote the healing process for smoother, healthier-looking skin.

There are many variations of passages gaks the The right hair regrowth treatment for you depends on various factors, including the cause and extent of your hair loss, your medical history, lifestyle factors, and treatment preferences. Consulting with a qualified hair specialist and dermatologist from Keva Skin & Hair Clinic can help you assess your individual needs and develop a personalized treatment plan.

There are many variations of passages gaks the Dandruff itself does not typically cause hair loss. However, excessive scratching of the scalp due to dandruff-related itching can damage hair follicles and lead to hair breakage. To prevent this, it's essential to effectively manage dandruff by using anti-dandruff shampoos, maintaining good scalp hygiene, and seeking treatment from a reliable hair care clinic like Keva.
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